Our impact on the world has never been more important and we are committed to minimising this impact wherever possible. We see this as part of a larger dedication to improving the industry and protecting the environment.

Supporting Local Business

We always endeavour to work with small businesses like ourselves because we know the impact local support can have and how much it means. This also helps to keep our carbon footprint and emissions impact as low as possible. This policy extends to our contractor supply chain as well, as we collaborate with local artists, craftspeople, and specialists across flooring window treatments and carpentry.

Sustainable Products

The products we recommend and use daily are chosen for their environmental standards as well as exceptional quality. Little Greene paint, for example, has a very low VOC content, helping reduce the impact of our work on the local environment. You can read more about their products and low-impact manufacturing right here: Little Greene’s Eco Friendly Paint & Wallpaper

We work hard with our team of suppliers to reuse and repurpose items from previous projects (which is good for the environment and our clients’ budgets) and we specify vintage pieces and accessories wherever suitable. This is not only sustainable, but it adds character and charm while also being great value for money.

Responsible Waste

All product packaging is recycled where local facilities are available, and all other items are either stored or disposed of considerately and correctly.

Making a Difference

We work with the organisation Treeapp to plant 10 trees every month. They work across 12 countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Brazil and help with wildlife restoration and community development on the planting sites. This benefits indigenous farmers and local communities with revenues from tree planting. As our business grows, we aim to increase our support of this charity by planting more trees each month and saving more animals. You can track our progress right here: